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Package TailRank
Title The Tail-Rank Statistic
Version 3.1.3
Date 2017-07-11
Author Kevin R. Coombes
Description Implements the tail-rank statistic for selecting biomarkers from a microarray data set, an efficient nonparametric test focused on the distributional tails. See <http://bioinformatics.mdanderson.org/TailRank/tolstoy-new.pdf>.
Maintainer Kevin R. Coombes <krc@silicovore.com>
Depends R (>= 3.0), oompaBase (>= 3.0.1)
Imports methods, graphics, stats, Biobase, oompaData
Suggests xtable
License Apache License (== 2.0)
LazyLoad yes
URL http://oompa.r-forge.r-project.org/
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2017-08-04 13:47:25 UTC; coom05
Built R 3.4.0; ; 2017-08-04 13:47:56 UTC; windows
User ManualTailRank-manual.pdf
R CHECK00check.log
Vignettes betabinomial.pdf, tailrank.pdf